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Just a Review : Startup Insider Session # 5

       I'm sharing my experience with you regarding the 5th startup
insider session which held in Plant X Theater Islamabad yesterday
evening. The stage was under the control of full time president
P@SHA – Jehan Ara. The session starts with commercial ads
[Apple n Fedx] just to show the attendees; importance of marketing
and commercializing you’re company or startup or innovation.
Why ads because this time the startup insiders thought to fix some theme
so they target a particular area with entrepreneurship like;
 Q- How do I make sure my technology idea is linked with a business need
and demand in the market?
 Truth of Ads
The ads should be such which reflects the true image of the product or
service like reliability and easy to use. Commercials with a message is
very important to attract customers
 Q- Is Innovation is necessary for the success of your business?
Q- How do I think about building my product? How do innovate in my business? 
Successful business – Identify a customers’ problem
Faisal Qureshi FQ (CEO – Kolachi Advanced Technologies) concluded
the discussion on Entrepreneurship and innovation by passing this
suggestion that “Entrepreneurship is to figure out an idea then
execute it but to put innovation factor into it that’s simple; your
idea or concept should be such which eliminates someone’s problem or
in other words assists him/her” so if anyone wants to be an
entrepreneur and wants his startup to be successful he should have to make
a survey in the market to capture some problem which customers are facing
in , rest would be to find out the solution for eliminating that problem
and that’s it. Definitely when people see ur product or service
helps them in any way they will buy it.
 Customers’ look for Honesty n Sincerity
Jawwad Farid – CEO of Alchemy  who was assisting Jehan Ara on the
stage by running commercials; add into FQs comment and said “You
should have to know how to make fool of ur customers by realizing them
that your idea or concept gives them reliability and ease” his
comment was countered by a lady who got stand up and introduced her asI’m neither an entrepreneur, nor an investor; I’m just
a customer plz don’t give this impression to our young
entrepreneurs, Customers don’t want to be fool by U, they seek
honesty and sincerity and if that’s there in the market they can buy
anything either a laptop or a Glass”. People clapped.
 Q- What is innovation? Is innovation necessary for building a successful
 Innovation is all about Differentiation
Adnan Agboatwalla – CEO of PixSense drags people attention towards
the significance of “Differentiation in the Idea or Thinking
Style” that means “Innovation is to think and do some task in
a different way” means breaking the ice just like Apple did by
introducing iPods though at that time there were a lot many kinds of mp3
players exit in the market; and look, with a little different concept
Apple snatched the whole market.
 Telenor Personal: Peter Anthony
Mobile operators are seeking Application Programmers
Share his views regarding “what he thinks about the potential of
Pakistani entrepreneurs”
He was very optimistic in this regard and he said is in touch with all
those guys really wants to do some thing different. He mentioned one such
guy who is “Adnan Agboatwalla – CEO of PixSense” that
telenor has signed a contract with his company (pix sense provides a
service for sharing images and videos).
He also mentioned that “We are particularly looking for Application
developers who can build applications for entertainment”.
A moblink personal adds into Peter’s saying that right now mobile
operators are earning 10-15% of their revenue from Application Services
[ASP model] (in Pakistan) but in Japan it’s 70%.He also share with
the attendees that mobink is right now  working with Broadband services.
 Mobile operators a bottleneck in innovation
A guy from Islamabad put a query that “Mobile operators are the main
bottleneck in the process of innovation how because application developers
are totally dependent on them”
Peter replied we’ve policy of 50/50 benefit for the developers.
Adnan – CEO of Pixsense added, “mobile operators are the
bottleneck and they are we can’t do anything in this regard”.
 What companies like Telecomm see when an Application developer comes to
them with an application service?
 Adnan replied on the behave of Telecomm personals that “To sell your
idea one thing should be kept in the mind that when you are in the first
u’ve to get the next meeting and the next meeting and so on until
they buy your idea”
 Facebook App Vs Mobile Operators
Osama A. Hashmi – CEO of CDF Software’s throw a question to
the panel that is “as far the number of customers is concerned why
someone go for making applications for mobile operators which would cost
higher than making application for facebook platform which is relatively
easy to build and deploy and to gain maximum number of customers with in
one or two months”. Initially that argument seems to b absolutely
right and goes in the favor of FBook but that was countered by the CEO
Pixsense (remember he has signed an agreement with Telenor recently) he
respond that “The mobile Operators provide what? which is called
[Dump Pipes] to a single customer in the form of wireless and wired
channels n they have the capacity to deliver anything by putting it on the
pipes” he also gave an example to explain it further “consider
a scenario like if sending an 1Mb image file cost 1euro how many of u
would go such a fbook application while on the other hand the mobile
operator would cost flat charges for that service like by activating a
package for 50euro you can transfer unlimited images” peter added
mobile subscribers are more reliable customers than fbook users.
 Queries for Academic personal
One of the people from sponsors’ side changes the mood of the
session by asking “How academia plays their role in this (Innovative
In the panel there was one guy from GIKI Prof Dr. Junaid everybody looks
towards him.
Someone said instantly why not we can build Research centers here in
Pakistan like India has.
 Telenor is establishing a Research Center in GIKI
Then Dr. Junaid disclosed a secret that Telenor and Moblink is going to
establish a lab or research center in GIKI where Students would do
research on their projects.
 University and Industry collaboration
Faisal Qureshi said, “why not companies ask the universities to
collect some guys (who are interested to do research) make a team build a
product and sell to us. Dr. Qasim Shiekh – CEO of National ICT RnD
Fund replied, “we’ve no extra bucks to waste in air like
this”. Dr Juniad said we tried this approach once, initially the
students were very enthusiastic but after a month or two they get bored and
flew away.
 Universities can break company's monopoly
Faisal Quershi put another suggestion, “why not universities build
their own OS; work on it for years and break the monopoly of companies
like Microsoft. Why not universities build their own software like Joomla
and named it Nustmola or GIKImola”. He said mostly it happened in
the universities that final year projects get their place in sinkhole y
because students implement those ideas which are already implemented or
could easily found on the internet (Reinventing a wheel).
Osama A. Hashim CEO of CDF Software told that universities like
Stanford have their own Products launched by their students and they also
have patents for that.
What I've observed most of the time our semester projects are of no
use n if someone thinks to do something new he couldn’t because
shortage of time.
 Internship instead of Final Year Project
Jehan Ara – President of P@SHA asked to academia guys in the panelIs it not the good idea that instead of having final year projects
we put students in the companies for 6 months for internship where they
get involved n worked with companies’ projects and later on get the
job in the same company”. Dr Junaid answered we did that as well but
there are guys who just want to bypass the final year project and this
approach helps them so we can’t do this.
 Innovations in FAST
Just before the ending of the session a guy from FAST university share his
experience of innovation with the panel “We’ve successful
approved a Fund from National ICT n RD Fund Program for a project which;
the existing Anti-viruses need daily updates as they maintains a database
for virus definitions and we put innovation into it how? We are writing
the software which wouldn’t need any updates”.
 National ICT n RD fund
Dr. Qasim Sheik - CEO is seeking all those ideas which fall in the
category of ICTQasim DOT sheikh @ ictrdf DOT org DOT pk”
Announcements at the end of the Sessions
1-        A delegation from MIT is going to deliver lectures 


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