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GAE: Google App Engine

An other application framework has been launched by google few weeks back. After successful launch of google Android platform which was basically for the development of mobile application completely open source as the underlying operatig system was linux and the app programming language was java. Todays’s the last date for the submission of the Android Application challenge.

Application Hosting:

It’s kind of web hosting service, google app engine is providing there server to host/run the application and getting use of the google customer base. the underlying app development language is python.

1- Google App Engine SDK

2- Python 2.5 or >

Why python because python is one of the three languages that has been used by the google developer at the house of google (C++, Java and python).

Break’n or Create’n Monopoly

On one side of the picture it seems that google is breaking the hype of monopoly created by facebook [the ones who put forward the concept of user generated data, application development framework and mashups] the approach then followed by other social netwoking sites like Orkut, hi5 and other wesites. And on the other side google is struggling to compete in the web space by launching such service and pusing developers inside it’s box. Developers hunt

Forcing to get hands dirty again
Now google is again forcing the developer to get their hands dirty with a new API; like me who has expertise in PHP but not in python…

Working on these platforms is addictive; at least for those guys who love to discover and achive new stuff through their programming skills.

Virtual Economy:
In the next 2 to 3 year what i see is that the virtual economy would break the reocrds with the introduction of such service which gives people an opportunity to earn money while sticking to their laptops.

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