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OpenInviter let’s drag friends

OpenInviter is a fantastic edition to the open source widget domain. The purpose is pretty simple and straight forward that is dragging friends instantly.

Below is my 15mins interaction with that widget.

  • Get yourself register with the service. This is mandatory because the widget will use the private key generated for a particular user.
  • Extract the compress file in webserver root directory

#sudo tar zxvf openinviter-*.tar.gz

  • Fullfill the dependencies like wget and curl packages

$sudo apt-get install wget curl

  • Navigate the postinstall.php and look for the following output;-

Checking username and private key… *OK*
Checking PHP version… *OK*
Checking DOMDocument support… *OK*
Checking transport method… libcurl is installed. Using cURL to handle requests
SQLite is NOT installed. Unable to keep stats. This will not affect the OpenInviter modules since they will run without keeping any stats.
Checking write permisions… /tmp is writable. Using /tmp to store cookie files and logs
Checking for new versions of OpenInviter… Your OpenInviter software is up-to-date
Checking Abv… *OK*
Checking AOL… *OK*
Checking Apropo… *OK*
Checking Atlas… *OK*
Checking Aussiemail… *OK*
Checking Azet… *OK*
Checking Bigstring… *OK*
Checking Bordermail… *OK*
Checking Canoe… *OK*
Checking Care2… *NOT OK* – This plugin might not work correctly on your system
Checking Clevergo… *OK*
Checking Doramail… *OK*
Checking Evite… *OK*
Checking FastMail… *OK*
Checking 5Fm… *NOT OK* – This plugin might not work correctly on your system
Checking Freemail… *OK*
Checking Gawab… *OK*
Checking GMail… *OK*

  • Once done either delete the postinstall.php file or rename it.

# sudo mv /var/www/jump4tmp/openinviter/postinstall.php /var/www/jump4tmp/openinviter/postinstallDONE.php

  • For detail install instructions look for the install.txt file.
  • Navigate the openinviter root directory and look for config.php file while will set the settings of the widget

# sudo gedit /var/www/jump4tmp/openinviter/config.php

‘username’=>”register_user”, ‘private_key’=>”801cb788f47075fd3cf57328b7948527″, ‘cookie_path’=>”/tmp”, ‘message_body’=>”You are invited to http://website.com&#8221;, ‘message_subject’=>” is inviting you to http://website.com&#8221;, ‘transport’=>”curl”, ‘local_debug’=>”on_error”, ‘remote_debug’=>””, ‘hosted’=>””, ‘proxies’=>array(),
‘stats’=>””, ‘plugins_cache_time’=>”1800″, ‘plugins_cache_file’=>”oi_plugins.php”, ‘update_files’=>”1″, ‘stats_user’=>””, ‘stats_password’=>””);

  • Adjust the file content according to you need like stayed above.
  • Finally navigate to the example.php in the browser to play around with the widget LIVE!






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