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Eid again!

Reward, its what God has transcribed it in clear words in His message for humanity. The love the sacrifice the wellbeing of His creatures is what Ramadan has been set for all of us. In a world of total deception, reflecting a true self is one hell of a challenge for all of philanthropists like me though I will urge all to not put a stop to charity initiatives. We are few percent of those who fast for a month. On the contrary, a myriad of fellow humans have to fast around the year [thanks to our capitalist society]. When I was kid, I always end up arguing with my pop about this ignorance of God to those who can’t even earn one time meal for their kids and my pop relied, “God has given you enough both in terms of this awareness and ample resources so you should reach out to those who are needy!”.

Wish you and your family a happy Eid! While you be celebrating with your loved ones please spare few minutes and bring smiles back to those street kids around the house 🙂

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