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Exam: FPGA

Before the Exam:

I was planning to have meeting with the Instructor. i send the mail but unable to get the reply as there was a problem with the webmail. So unable to caught him.

Then i planned to see the TA whom i’ve good relation with. but vain by van arrived at the spot.

What I was doing:

I was struggling to create a timeline website for the idea i though in the last semester.

What i did at the home:

I went home write a plan which was good enough to score high what uncertain circumstances always crash that.

10th aprial the bday of my younger brother. party celeberations suck my plan

later on after the dinner i start surfing and hen surfing untill i got sleep

planned to get up at 3:00 but who cares if you are interested to get something done. Finally got up at 7:00 with the same optimisim…

What sucks my plans?

Working on different projects simultaneously

No priorities

No plans

No rules

Away to the track

Sticky brains

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