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10 Hot trends of the year 2009

April 17, 2008 2 comments

Below are some the identified hot up coming trends in the Internet realm.

1- Business Analytics
2- Video Based Instructions
3- Precision Agriculture
4- New Materials
5- Marketplaces –
It’s happening everyone can see that, Google, Adobe, Windows, Apple even others too.
6- Mobile Services –
The boom of mobile devices initiated by Apple has gone far from the thoughts of a human mind.
7- Clean Tech –
Green ICT
8- User Generated Content Self publishing –
Now do you have a doubt the concept of social networks offered by Facebook, Twitter and others.
9- Location Based Services –
This domain will be get the pace once we see smartphone in the hands of common person. Google is doing that with Android
10- Remote interaction and services

Still more to come.


Idea that turned into LBS Advertisment Startup

My Startups under Evaluation/Evolution/Embryogenesis/Emblazonry”


“Ask AnyThing, from AnyWhere, at any Time n’ i’ll handover to U”

Abstract: Providing such an opportunity to the public which will save there time. Which time; the time which they lose/serve in traveling to get something like;


  • To get the grocery from the store

  • To buy tickets from Air Reservation/ Railway Reservation/ Sports matches and etc.

  • To buy DVD/CDs

  • .


By integrating Mobile, Internet n’ Web services




How to Achieve?

Anybody using any mass of communication (Mobile–SMS–, Landline–Call–, or Internet–Email–Web–) will place an order and the company’s personals will handover the order to that specific person at a particular time and place.

Mobile Applications for those placing order using Cell phone, Website for those who want to place an order over the internet


Like your are in hurry and u’ve to travel from Rawalpindi to Lahore in the mean while u wanted to get some stuff or items but you have no time you just have to place an order that you want that that blah blah right at the Karachi railway station or the airport or any where at this specific time and that’s it. The company will entertain your order they have links to third parties, retailers and distributors to accomplish the task… because they all connected using web n mobile service (the

Personal would received alerts and start their work) and think what; when u reach Karachi airport the man is standing right their to hand over your requested order/package.

Like your are at your home, you opened your refrigerator and there’s nothing interested to eat and you are very tired and don’t want to fetch those products by yourself just place an order with the time when u want to receive your package, to our company and go to sleep and after u get refreshed our personal will knock at your door to drop the package.


Like you’re a computer geek and interested in Internet Based Businesses like me or love to play war-craft games or EverQuest or Ultima Online; the games in which you can earn virtual gold/money in a computer virtual environment then turn part of it into real money… if your are busy in such stuff then obviously you have no time to do other things which requires time to accomplish them like fetching products from the grocery stores, getting tickets for the cinema, or air reservation or u can imagine what else … then just place an order to our company by just sending an SMS … and think done!


Where ever you are, either at your home, at office, at university, on evening walk, at ur meal, traveling, or visiting someone, ask anything you want to ask, and our personal will approach you as soon as possible.


Another aspect could be like “Shopping list

Where one person can share his shopping list with his friend and family members’ whenever you modify your list or add something into it other get informed on their mobiles…and if they are in the market or in the shopping malls; could be able to purchase it for you.

The Advance feature would be like this;

The concept of intelligent refrigerators where each device has a small electronic circuitry consisting of a pressure or temperature sensors which tell the refrigerator that the product is going to finish/consumed totally and the refrigerator send this information to the nearest grocery store and the as soon as the product get consumed totally a person from the store knocks at the door with the products which have totally consumed…

Bluetooth Enabled

Home ?? (Products)RefrigeratorTelecom ServersWeb ServerGrocery Store

I’m waiting to hear from u… for that good startup


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