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10 Hot trends of the year 2009

April 17, 2008 2 comments

Below are some the identified hot up coming trends in the Internet realm.

1- Business Analytics
2- Video Based Instructions
3- Precision Agriculture
4- New Materials
5- Marketplaces –
It’s happening everyone can see that, Google, Adobe, Windows, Apple even others too.
6- Mobile Services –
The boom of mobile devices initiated by Apple has gone far from the thoughts of a human mind.
7- Clean Tech –
Green ICT
8- User Generated Content Self publishing –
Now do you have a doubt the concept of social networks offered by Facebook, Twitter and others.
9- Location Based Services –
This domain will be get the pace once we see smartphone in the hands of common person. Google is doing that with Android
10- Remote interaction and services

Still more to come.

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