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openMoko – neo1973

Openmoko™ is an Open Source project under GPL and LGPL license. The aim of Openmoko is to build the world’s first free mobile platform which runs a full X server and can therefore run most X applications. You can install any Openmoko software over the whole range of supported phones, and if you upgrade your phone, you won’t lose that software. Bugs fixed on any phone are fixed on all.

The Neo 1973 (GTA01) from FIC is the first of many phones that Openmoko may be used on. It has now sold out (Feb 08) as you can see at the Openmoko Online Shop. Neo FreeRunner (GTA02) the new generation Openmoko mobile phone is not yet available – press here to get more hardware information. Otherwise, scroll down this page for info on the development status , or you can add your nickname to those interested buying the Neo FreeRunner at Buying Interest List. The Openmoko project is a community that anyone can join, to help design their ideal phone. Please join us in collaborating on the Openmoko project through any of the project resources including this Openmoko wiki. Please see the wiki editing help page for information on making contributions to this wiki. A core team of developers funded by FIC, Inc. leads the project.

To the novice, can start by use introduction page , photos, videos and Openmoko Wiki Official Index Page, to take the overview of Openmoko and wiki. Moreover, the usual Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and mailing list pages might be helpful. Developers may find the change log an important resource.

Source: http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Main_Page

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